Culture & Education

The most discussed by parents is the education of their children.
Many parents complain to their children: they don’t like learning, they don’t obey, and they don’t know Chinese.
Children cannot communicate with their elders in Chinese, causing more profound family conflicts and even social problems.
Is this the price of immigration?

GEBIS Toronto will work with you to pay attention to children’s education!
Through reading classes and parent classes, parents and children can maintain traditional Chinese culture together.

Scripture education is an excellent solution for overseas Chinese education and develops a beneficial reading atmosphere for children. Taking advantage of their good memory during golden age, children can learn Chinese with half the effort through the traditional learning method of reading the classics.

It is also important to educating parents ourselves. We also provide parent class to learn the way of educating kids and improving family relationships, in the cultivates cultural atmosphere.

We also provide camps for students and teachers too. Let us create a rich and fulfilling life togerther!

GEBIS Toronto will become a new world of education and culture, shaping new lives for you and your children, and we look forward to working together!