Hundreds of Homes, Thousands of Hearts

             Hundreds of Homes, Thousands of Hearts


Purpose: Working Together to Fight the Pandemic


Please join the GEBIS Toronto group, as we valiantly work towards the second stage of:

                              Rescue Program for Emergency PPE Needs

Due to the Covid-19 that has spread thorough out our country, we should recognize that our front-line workers desperately require protective PPE, most of which is a one-time-disposable material.

The members of the GEBIS organization had initiated a charity action to support our heroes on April 1, 2020.

·       As a result of our plea, we received a great response towards the goal to protect the front-line workers.

·       For instance, Diana’s group, (Gifted People Service) who to-date have provided $1,290.25 worth of donation.

Here are a few of many moving stories that have been relayed to our group during this challenging time:

·       A single mother of 3 children contributed $20. She set a good example and motivated her young children to subsequently donate to the PPE funding.

·       A young girl’s selfless action of donating her pocket money, encouraged her 3-year-old brother, who asked if he could also donate, his 25-cent coin. No matter how trivial the amount is, it is amazing to see a young heart blossoming love and kindness!

·       A 10-year-old girl was inspired by her mother’s participation and donated her entire savings ($12) to support the front liners.

·       70+ old senior, who was unfamiliar with the process of e-transfer banking, gladly donated $100 to the person who was delivering protective masks to her home.


Hopefully, the events documented above, have displayed that a loving heart wish can inspire others and will be passed on to more people. Please kindly forward this message to 10 others to encourage everyone to take part in this action.

Note: all participants will receive credit for their generosity via the GEBIS website.

Founded in 2012, Gifted People Services is a non-for-profit organization in Ontario. It is the first and the only Mandarin-speaking organization dedicated to providing services and offering special training for families with exceptional children. Through exploring the potential of the kids, teaching them with essential life skills, Gifted People Services have helped support nearly 600 families in the community.


Musical Concert: There will be a charity concert available online via the GEBIS network, at 7: 30pm on May 9th, 2020, to express our gratitude to all patrons.


How to contribute to this donation:

1.     E-transfer:

2.     On line :

3.     TAX Receipt: Please fill in the attached online message-box with your name and email address in order to provide an income tax receipt.

4.     Please mark as “Medical Use“.

Should there be any questions, don’t hesitate to call:

416-906-0239 Ms.Tang or  416-827-8068 Ms.Deng



Organizer: GEBIS Toronto


Canadian Foundation of Classical Culture Education

The Essence

Canada Dizigui Organization

HOPE Centre of Autism

The Toronto Chinese Heritage Cultural Society

Summer Guitar Orchestra

The Gifted People Service

AIS Education

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