Late Venerable Master Ri Chang was born in 1929 on Chong Ming Island, Jiangsu Province where his father taught him to recite the classics from childhood, and encouraged him to become a monk to benefit humanity.

In 1947 he moved to Taiwan with his uncle, and graduated from Tainan Technical Institute in Civil Engineering.

With an intense wish to pursue the true meaning and value of life, he joined the Sangha community at the age of 37 in 1965 and was ordained by Venerable Ben Ming of Yuan Guang Monastery.

He has devoted himself to preaching Dharma for many years, and in particular, has been committed to the spread "The Great Treatise on the Satges of the Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim) and Nan-Shan Disciplines School.

Late Venerable Master founded the Bliss and Wisdom Organization (Taiwan) in 1992, and also started a community of Sangha and lay followers who have worked together diligently in spreading the Dharma by using Lamrim as the core teaching, with moral education, health and environmental awareness as additional avenues to help put these teachings into practice. 

Late Master observed that the corrupt world has impacted society badly; the only way to turn it over is to cultivate a kind-hearted community as foundation. Therefore, he founded Bliss and Wisdom Education in 1997 to promote moral education, and implement various cultural and educational activities.

In addition, Late Master established the Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Development Foundation in 1997 to help care for people’s health and protect the ecological environment. Our goal is to reduce the killing of more sentient life and create clean living space, while also leaving a pure land for future generations.

Late Master was aware that the proliferation of chemical additives in food could cause serious harm to public health. His lay followers established Leezen Company to develop healthy and safely processed food and daily necessities through the creation of a mutually positive cycle among producers, sellers and consumers. 

Despite difficulties faced in the course of teaching and helping others, Late Master never once gave up.  Instead called himself “The Constantly Defeated General” in order to motivate himself in the pursuit of his undeterred wish to benefit all living beings.

Spiritual teacher, was born into a family of scholars in Heilongjiang Province, China. She has thought about questions of birth and death since childhood - where we come from and where we go after death. In an effort to solve this problem, she decided to travel to Mount Wutai, Putuo and other major Tibetan temples, to seek soultions. She has visited Supreme Ha Erwa,  Jamyang,  Don Jia guru, Lobsang Gyatso, and received their guidance on "Madhyamakāvatāra (Middle Way) Philosophy"  "Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) Philosophy, "Four Hundred Philosophy "," Lamrim "," Essential Lamrim "," Peace and Happiness Philosophy, "" Four Co-Note of Lamrim"," Zong Yi Bao Man "and many other heritage theories.  When she heard the Lamrim" tapes from the last Master she raised in her uncommon confidence and so she visited Late Master and received his guidance.  Master repeatedly persuaded Spiritual teacher to take responsibility for Sanga and the Bliss & Wisdom Organization.  He gave her Dharma named  "ZhenRu" and he often went to China to preach, and to discuss the future development of the Bliss and Wisdom Organization.

After Late Master passed away, Spiritual Teacher followed the lineage teachings of late Master, dedicated to monks and Buddhist education and the good deeds business for more than ten years to combine Buddhist learning with the implementation of "physical, mind and spiritual" practice. While residing in Canada, she promoted this successful concept and practice combination model to overseas countries. She is looking forward to widespread growth in awareness of Buddhism and Confucian classical culture through immigration expansion.  Currently there are more than a thousand monks, nuns and disciples, and more than seventy thousand students studying Dharma, and more than two hundred Learning Centres committed to pursuing the Late Master's wish - "One shoulder undertake Buddha's Dharma, another shoulder under take Confucian culture, " studying ethical disciplines and practicing the ten good deeds business.

The Tse-Xin Foundation chairman Lai Xi Yuan said that the Spiritual Teacher inherited Late Master's concepts and leads the Bliss and Wisdom Group with humility and strong will. The Tse-Xin Foundation shares the philosophy that  all natural life co-exists, has had success promoting organic farming in Taiwan.  Leezen organic stores, with "Mutual trust and co-operation" are replacing their traditional business competition, who currently operate the largest Direct organic chains in Taiwan, and are introducing volunteers to create a social enterprise model.

The abbot, Venerable Ru Zheng of Sangha, a particularly respected spiritual teacher, has traveled around the world to establish a comprehensive study system, under very harsh conditions.   The Sanga has learned through a large volume of reciting, listening, thinking, and debating on the major theories, such as "Mahaprajna-paramita Sutra," "Lotus Sutra", "Lamrim", "Nanshan Disciplines", "Prajnaparamita Philosophy", "Madhyamakāvatāra  Philosohy", "Abhidharmakosa", "Ethical Discipline" to build up the correct perceptions. Venerable Ru Zheng said the Sanga has growth under the careful guidance of Spiritual Teacher, "a fusion of Chinese, Tibetan Buddhism and the traditional essence has been used to establish Dharma school system which comply the compassionate goal of the Late Master."

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